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Dr. Katheryn Leung

       Dr. Katheryn Leung is President and Professor of Old Testament, and its theology, and Hebrew.

Rev. Dr. Raymond Hsu

       Dr. Raymond Hsu is  the Academic Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament Theology and Greek.

Dr. Agnes Chiu

       Dr. Agnes Chiu is Director of Development  and Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology, and Public Theology.

Dr. Anita Liu

       Dr. Anita Meng is Associate Professor of Christian Counseling, Church Care, Holistic Growth, and Family Ministry.

Dr. Wenyu Xie

       Dr. Wenyu Xie is Professor of Historical Theology, Apologetics, and Christian Thoughts.

Rev. Dr. Gee Lowe

       Dr. Gee Lowe is Associate Professor of Bio-Ethics, Systematic Theology, Contemporary Theology, and Cultures.

Rev. Cliff Chan

       Rev. Cliff Chan is Director of Administration and adjunct Professor of  Biblical Theology.

Rev. Dr. Joshua Siu

       Dr. Joshua Siu is Director of Director of Theological Education by Extension (TEE)and adjunct professor of Practical Theology.

Rev. Dr. Frank Liu

       Dr. Frank Liu is the Associate Dean of Administration and adjunct Professor of Practical Theology.

Rev. Dr. Jack Tsui

       Rev. Jack Tsui is the chaplain and Adjunct Professor of  Pastoral Studies.

Rev. Chun Keung Lee 

       Rev. Chun Keung Lee is the Associate Director of Field Education.

Rev. Jennifer Lin     

       Rev. Jennifer Lin is Director of Pastoral Care Ministry.




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