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From China Evangelical Seminary in Taipei, Taiwan

In 1970 fourteen churches and missionary societies with a common vision established China Evangelical Seminary ("CES") in Taipei. In October of the same year, CES held its first opening ceremony, adhering to the gospel truth aimed at training Chinese-speaking believers to become godly workers, to serve Chinese churches worldwide. This vision advanced Chinese theological education to a new milestone.

The founding of China Evangelical Seminary North America

1986 the Board of CES extended the ministry to Los Angeles and established “China Evangelical Seminary Extension Center of Los Angeles” ("Extension Center") in Monterey Park, California. This Extension Center vigorously promoted extension theological education to believers.  Five years into its establishment, The Extension Center hired its former president Dr.Timothy Lin as the primary adviser in 1991.

March 1992 “China Evangelical Seminary Extension Center of LA” was renamed “ China Evangelical Seminary North America Theological Education Center”. In July of the same year, Dr. Katheryn Leung was called to be the Director of the Center. The Center expanded the training base beyond California year after year.

1998 “China Evangelical Seminary North America Theological Education Center” was renamed as "China Evangelical Seminary North America Campus”. The "Master of Christian Studies" program was developed and student recruitment began with the intention of training godly servant workers for Chinese churches in North America.

1999 The new main campus in La Puente (Los Angeles County) provided a good base for the development of the branch campus. By the year 2008, the annual average number of extension students had reached 2400, the number of Master of Christian Studies students also increased to more than 115, with a total 30 extension classroom locations throughout the United States and Canada.

2005 CESNA recruited the first class of Master of Divinity students. Application for ATS begins. Ministry work in Vancouver,Canada begins

2007 the Board of "China Evangelical Seminary North America Campus" reached a consensus with our Alma Mater in Taipei that the North America campus was to become an independent operation, officially renamed as "China Evangelical Seminary North America." Dr. Katheryn Leung was appointed as the first president.

2008 The Board of China Evangelical Seminary North America agreed to the purchase of a new permanent campus, located in West Covina, in order to fulfill long-term development goals. The new campus officially opened in September the same year. Since then, CESNA has a broad platform for development as a full-fledged U.S. Seminary.

2009 CESNA recruited its first class of Doctor of Ministry students.  CESNA Foundation was formally formed and granted its IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit status. CESNA also set up the Timothy Lin Scholarship.

2010 CESNA was granted the associate membership status by the America of Theological Schools (ATS), approved by the United States Immigration to issue I-20 for international students.

2011 CESNA formally became independent from Taipei's China Evangelical Seminary. 

2014 Approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

2015 ATS formally granted the full membership to CESNA.

2016 Formed President's Circle to help raise fund for CESNA's ministry. With the help of donations, CESNA purchased the 'Cameron' Student Dormitory.

2017 Purchased CESNA's first dormitory. Launched the China Master of Theological Studies on-line program.

2018 CESNA will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

This is the story of CESNA thus far.  It began with a common dream amongst spiritual leaders in 1970 to create CESNA, to the fulfillment of this vision. All circumstances have confirmed God's will for us to carry out  our motto: “Equipping Saints and Serving Churches ” and extend the ministry to reach the global Chinese Church.



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