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The CESNA Dormitory provides international students, single female students outside the Los Angeles Area, or married couples without children a chance to apply to live in the "Heyi house". The rules of living in the dorms are as follows:


-Students who wish to live in the dorms must apply to the administrative department first. Once approval is given, they must pay the accommodation deposit and accommodation fees within 2 weeks (For the fee schedule for Intensive class students and temporary students,please contact Alice Chen from the Administrative Department using this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call @(626)9179482 extension number 166). Applicants need to get the accommodation contract from Alice Chen as well. Applicants who enter the accommodations without completion of the accommodation contract will be ordered to leave the accommodations and will not be eligible for future accommodations at this location.


Upon arriving at the dormitory, Students will receive the property key in the dormitory from the administrative department. The dormitory will be checked during winter and when the student decides to move out of the dormitory for any damages to property/furniture. If there is any damages to the property, an amount will be requested in the form of compensation and it will be due within a certain time limit.if the compensation amount ends up being overdue,it may be repaid in the next semester. 

2.Dormitory Rules

- Students are responsible for the cleaning of the windows,walls,bathrooms,living rooms etc. A student will be responsible for the supervision of the other students in making sure that the dormitories are well maintained.

-Students must take note of their safety when using personal electrical appliances. Apart from Hair Dryers( which are to be used in the bathroom solely), Low Power table lamps, razors, fans and computer products are forbidden.

-All dormitory applications and lodging procedures must be handled within CESNA's regulations.

- No guests or friends are allowed to stay with you 

-No contraband items or flammable materials may be stored and used within the bedrooms.

-Students are to maintain a low level of noise within their dormitory 

- Usage of washing machines and clothes dryers are not allowed after 11 pm every night so that students who are sleeping or doing personal devotions/ studying are not affected by the noise.

- The lights are turned off after 1030 pm, please keep your movements silent so that you do not affect other students.

- If you wish to enter the dormitory of another student, please knock and ask for permission first.

- Exercise Machines that create noise (e.g. treadmills) are strictly forbidden within the dormitory.

-Students should take good care of the equipment inside their dormitory. Furniture and equipment inside the dormitory shall not be moved around or exchanged among  students without authorization. 

- Students are not allowed to hang or stick stickers,flyers,slogans,flags or other items in the dormitory.

-No pets are allowed

- No property within the dormitory may be carried outside unless authorized to do so.

-Trash is collected every week at a specific time.


3.Students are not allowed to







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