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Faculty 0007

梁潔瓊 博士 

Katheryn Leung, Ph. D.

Fuller Theological Seminary 舊約神學哲學博士

Dr. Katheryn Leung is President and Professor of Old Testament, and its theology, and Hebrew.

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Faculty 0003

劉志遠 博士

Gee Lowe, Ph. D.

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Gee Lowe is Associate Professor of Bio-Ethics, Systematic Theology, Contemporary Theology, and Cultures.

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Faculty 0002

徐大生 博士

Raymond Hsu, Ph. D.

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Raymond Hsu is  the Academic Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament Theology and Greek.

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劉孟安麗 博士

Anita Meng Liu, Ph. D. LMFT

Fuller Theological Seminary 門訓與家庭婚姻治療碩士

Fielding Graduate University 臨床心理學博士

Dr. Anita Meng is Associate Professor of Christian Counseling, Church Care, Holistic Growth, and Family Ministry.

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Faculty 0006

謝文郁 博士

WenYu Xie, Ph. D.

Claremont Graduate University 宗教學博士

Dr. Wenyu Xie is Professor of Historical Theology, Apologetics, and Christian Thoughts.

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Faculty 0008

趙李秀珍 博士

Agnes Chiu, Ph. D.

Fuller Thological Seminary Ph.D. in Christian Ethics 

Dr. Agnes Chiu is Director of Development  and Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology, and Public Theology.

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