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Dr. Katheryn Leung

  • Dr. Katheryn Leung is the president and professor of CESNA.  She teaches Old Testament theological studies, OT books, Hebrew, and teachers training. 

Dr. Gee Lowe

  • Dr. Gee Lowe is the Academic Dean and professor of CESNA.  He teaches Bio-Ethics, Systematic Theology, Contemporary Theology and Thoughts.

Dr. Anita Liu

  •  Dr. Liu is the Director of Field Education and professor of CESNA.  She teaches Christian Counseling, Pastoral Care, Holistic Development and Family Ministry.

Dr. Wenyu Xie

  •  Dr. Xie is a professor of CESNA.  He focuses on Historical Theology, Apologetics, Christian Thoughts and China Theological Thoughts and History.

Dr. Raymond Hsu

  •  Dr. Hsu is the Assistant Academic Dean and associate professor of CESNA.  He teaches New Testament, New Testament theological studies and Greek.

Dr. Agnes Chiu

  •  Dr. Chiu is the Director of Development Department and assistant professor CESNA. She teaches Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology and Public Theology.

Rev. Dr. Joshua Siu

  •  Dr. Joshua Siu is the Director of Theological Education by Extension and adjunct professor of CESNA. He teaches Pastoral Theology and Church Leadership.

Rev. Jack Tsui

  •  Rev. Tsui is the chaplain and adjunct faculty of CESNA.  He teaches pastoral studies.

Rev. Cliff Chan

  • Rev. Chan  is the Director of Administration and adjunct faculty of CESNA. He teaches Greek.

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