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Praise the Lord! On October 14 in Houston, CESNA successfully held its annual meal with the help of Reverend Yiming Huang and several students. President Liang together with the students in Houston discussed seminary education and did fundraising.

 Special Image of God (IOG) seminars in conjunction with CESNA's 20th anniversary celebration continue to be held at various churches.  Over hundred of people have attended the different IGO seminars. More IOG seminars are being planned. May the Lord bless and be honored by the upcoming seminars!

Upcoming IOG Seminars:

I. First Chinese Baptist Church in Walnut City. 10:40 -12:00 noon; Cantonese seminars.

9/16: Christian Counseling from the perspective of Image of God. Speaker: Dr. Anita Liu.

9/23: Examining Image of God from the Old Testament perspective. Speaker: Dr. Katheryn Leung.

9/30: Living Out Our Christian Faith: Image of God & Public Theology. Speaker: Dr. Agnes Chiu.

 II. 9/29 Rowland Heights Community Christian Church (CA). 10:00 am - 3:00 pm; Mandarin seminar.

Examining Image of God from the Old Testament perspective. Speaker: Dr. Katheryn Leung.

Examining Image of God from the New Testament perspective. Speaker: Dr. Raymond Hsu.

III. October 14th, the Mandarin Seminary will be held at the Chinese Church in West End (TX)

IV. December 1st, the Mandarin Seminary  will be held at Chinese Bible Church of San Diego (CA)

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Hsu & Dr. Anita Liu.

V. December 16th, Mandarin Seminary  will be held in Durham (NC)

The 20th Anniversary of CESNA  Thanksgiving banquet was successfully held at the Ocean Star Restaurant on August 26, 2018. There were 590 people attended the banquet, and raised more than 170,000 US dollars for offerings. Give glory to our God!

The 18th commencement of CESNA, held on June 30, 2018. Rev. Albert Ting gave the commencement speech.



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