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Distant Learning Program

Definition (The following information is for TEE students only)

For students enrolled in distant learning program, there are online courses for their studies:

These are alternative coursework, not an independent degree program.

Courses Registration

Just like other classroom courses, do the registration with the TEE department. Deadline for each quarter is: Dec 15 (winter), Mar 15 (spring), May 30 (summer), Sep 15 (autumn).

How to register for Internet courses?

Complete the registration procedure before the deadlines. Send your registration form together with payment to: CESNA (TEE) 1520 W. Cameron Ave., Suite #275, West Covina, CA91790.

Issues regarding assignment

A. Assignment Submission Deadlines:

In accordance to regulations determined by TEE Department. Students are to follow all assignments requirements. Deadline for assignement is 15 days after last lesson/session. (Winter: Apr 15, Spring: Jul 15, Summer: Oct 15, Autumn: Jan 15)

For intensive Internet courses, besides e-discussion and email correspondence, within two months of last lesson please email your assignment to designated email address given by your lecturer.

B. Return of Assignments:

For all students who would like to have their graded assignments returned, please provide postage paid envelops with address written. Otherwise, graded assignments will be discarded after three months.

C. Assignment deadline extension:

Only in the event of special situations such as serious illness or emergencies, you may write to TEE Department for deadline extension. Such request must be made at least two weeks before deadline. One-month extension will be granted upon approval by TEE Department. Grade will be adjusted for late submission. Assignment submitted over one month late will not be accepted.

Coursework Facilitation

We provide ways for students to clarify their queries and have discussion. For assistance on coursework such as reading assignment or research paper, please read the syllabus carefully or contact TEE office.

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